The “Future of Music“ is an open and inclusive monthly meet-up format, initiated by MusicTech Germany and co-organized by different collectives and organisations working on the intersections of music x transmedia x art x innovation.

The „Future of Music“ meet-up seeks to support and strengthen creative communities through knowledge exchange and networking formats. Furthermore, the meet-up aspires to advance the empowerment of underrepresented groups in the Creative Industries, particularly women*, people of color, LGTBQTI+ and non-binary in music and the music industry.

Networking x Talks x Expert Sessions x Masterclasses x Digital Playground

  • ample networking opportunities,
  • short lightning talks by experts from various areas and walks-of-life within the Music and Creative Industries
  • 45 min break-out sessions on specific topics such as Festival Booking, Music Supervision / Synch, Media Law, Social Media Hacks in Music etc.
  • exclusive Masterclasses on topics such as Artificial Intelligence in Music, Music Production, Podcast Production and many more
  • tech applications and digital tools in the Digital Playground
  • Live music sessions, art installations, and transdisciplinary performances.

The meet-up is designed as an open and inclusive collaborative network that welcomes:

  • active participation
  • constructive feedback
  • innovative ideas on how to foster communication between individuals and different creative communities
  • best-practice examples on how to improve work environments and overall access to knowledge, networks, and equal opportunities within the Creative Industries

The „Future of Music“ kick-off was on Thursday, Jan 30th, 2020 in cooperation with Music Pool Berlin.

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